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Real Estate and property

Your real estate is valuable! And that is why it also a breeding ground for legal conflicts. We will assist you as a legal counsel regarding all aspects of real estate law:

Sale and Purchase

What do you include in your deed? Which options are mentioned in your deed and what if the buyer renounces his offer at the last minute?

What happens when a Sales-purchase agreement is void ?

Lease of property

How do you collect unpaid rent? How do you evict a non-paying tenant? What is a topographical survey? What with the guarantee? What rights do you have as a tenant when the property owner does not respect his obligations.

Construction and real estate

Who is liable in case of construction errors? The architect or the contractor? How far do insurances go in such a case ? What rights can u use against Property developers ?

Construction and litigation

A dispute in construction demands a constant attention of a specialist in contractor-law. Being efficient and decisive towards the expert and the courts is of vital importance.

Talo law will help you in order to find a solution within the shortest period of time.

We like to keep you informed with new information relating to the law applicable on your area of expertise.

Our Talo Team is specialised in :

Your Law Partner

We like to be your informal counsel as well as your litigation lawyer in case of a procedure.

You can reach out for advice, assistance and legal assistance. Hereunder you can find our areas of expertise. If you cannot find your specific legal domain, please do not hesitate to contact our office. We will help you on the way or at least clarify things for you.


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